Face masks


Face covering bags made from Toast bedlinen bags

Fancy face coverings

As one of the main reasons I blog is to leave a sort of record for my grandchildren this is a short post to document the face masks – or face coverings as I should apparently properly call them. And what a small pile 40 make! The recipients have been pleased with them and fully appreciative of my use of some of their father’s former and much loved shirts as linings (yes, I still have things like that!) which you can see from the flip performed by fingers adroit enough to grace a magician’s assistant. My son-in-law has happily  embraced  the more colourful ones, in spite of my worry that they were all a bit girlie, so that’s good too.

Face coverings

Face coverings

Face coverings at rest

After putting in her order for the masks, daughter No 1 started taking her bike to work, so she no longer needed face coverings for public transport. Never say never about almost anything. During the weekend the bike was stolen and no replacement was available to buy because Londoners en masse, gripped by the desire to be self propelling, have caused a bike famine. Face masks to the rescue.

Face covering in use day 1

Face covering in use day 2

The CLEAN and DIRTY bags I made as a bit of an afterthought in the hope that discarded masks wouldn’t lie forgotten about the house and miss out on being washed – that way you can whizz through 40 masks between 4 in no time. Many people talk about having a bag for masks by the front door so they are reminded to take one every time they go out. Toast bedlinen comes in bags to match the bedlinen, the idea being that after washing you can put duvet cover and pillowcases together in your airing cupboard and not have to root around for matching bedlinen. Good ideas frequently don’t quite fit into lived lives and the bags never got used in that way, but were usually passed over to me to make into shoe bags or, with the addition of a couple of long handles, face mask bags – strangely satisfying.

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  1. Posted June 21, 2020 at 7:22 pm | Permalink

    That’s a good bit of upcycling. And familiar fabrics are a way to make the unfamiliar a bit less daunting.

    • Mary Addison
      Posted June 22, 2020 at 6:43 pm | Permalink

      And now daughters No 2 & 3 would like more bags like the ones above – some with handles and some with drawstrings but all with their name – useful for travelling. The irony is they would never have thought about them if I hadn’t decided to make use of some bags I had lying around. Fortunately, I do have more of the Toast bedlinen bags which are ideal sizes and it is recycling…

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