The church biscuit; a Sunday quest: 18. Cherry and almond blondies

Cherry and almond blondies

Cherry and almond blondies


125 g/4 and a half oz butter + a little for greasing

200g/soft light brown sugar

3 large eggs, lightly beaten

125g/ 4 & a half oz plain white flour

125g/ 4 & a half oz plain wholemeal flour

1 tsp baking powder

100g/3 & a half oz glacé cherries

85 g/3 oz ground almonds

1 tsp. almond extract (if desired)

Preheat the oven to 160 degrees C (fan oven)/180 degrees C/350 degrees F/Gas Mark 4. 

Grease and line a baking tray (20cm/8″ square or similar).

Mix butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy in a large bowl. Whisk in the beaten egg and  almond extract, then sift the flours (adding the wholemeal bits that remain in the bottom of the sieve) and the baking powder into the mixture, beating all until well mixed in. Add the ground almonds and then sprinkle in the quartered glacé cherries. Pour the mixture into the baking tin and smooth the rather stiff mixture evenly into the corners.

Bake in the pre-heated oven for about 40 minutes – until a skewer comes out cleanly. Let it cool in the tin and cut into sections when required. (It was useful for me to leave it in the tin until we got to church).

Verdict: Delicious and not to heavy. The wholemeal flour made us feel healthy and less indulgent. Next time I might try using only wholemeal flour.

Cherry and almond blondies   to have with coffee after chruch

Cherry and almond blondies to have with coffee after church (Linen tablecloth embroidered by my mother)

One of the nicest things about providing coffee in a small church on a Sunday morning – apart from refreshing the early -(well moderately early)- rising congregation, is that I can make use of many old fashioned linens and pieces of  silver plate which my mother used to enjoy using. The Bridgewater milk jugs, dishes and plates site companionably alongside the silver plated hot water jug and sugar bowl on damask or embroidered tablecloths. Tray cloths are especially useful as they deaden the terrible jangling together of the mugs on the tray as we transport them to and from the church (and even soak up the dregs as the mugs fall over on the way home – hurrah for Ecover washing liquid). My mother died before I became a vicar’s wife but it always gives me pleasure to make use of her things in church and I can’t help but think she would be pleased too. 


Strawberry and almond blondies

Substitute 100 g/ 3 and a half oz small fresh strawberries for the glacé cherries for a light treat with morning coffee or with afternoon tea.

Fresh strawberry and almond blondie

Fresh strawberry and almond blondie

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